Beauty Salon

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.


Stephanie is coveted in the beauty industry for her vision of style.  Inspired by Coco Chanel, she brings the world of high clothing fashion into the beauty world.


2016 bought Stephanie to the Australian Bridal Industry Academy awards.  As a testament to her hard work and sense of style, she was selected to be a finalist for both the Makeup and Hairstyling categories.

10 Monde Street, Camberwell, Vic. 3124

Founded by Stephanie Lin, S.A.S.S.Y has become a leader of beauty services. Beginning in 2007 S.A.S.S.Y has enjoyed tremendous success in the bridal industry. Expanding on the joy’s S.A.S.S.Y has bought to brides all over Australia, Stephanie has also done hair and makeup work for major T.V channels, advertisements, and fashion catalog spreads. Being a driven woman in the beauty and fashion industry, Stephanie has expanded yet again, and has created her brand new beauty salon, located in Camberwell.

Introducing S.A.S.S.Y Beauty Salon located in Camberwell, Stephanie has given the beauty salon her personal touch, which all her clients understand to be gentle to perfection. From the seating lounge, where you can relax and discuss with the specialists about specific treatments, to the individual rooms which are designed to create a serene atmosphere, every details has been looked over numerous times.