Beauty Services
We deliver amazing results right along with smiles.
Beauty Services

We wax using the best quality wax and strips, we make sure the process is quick and on point. Our treatment specialists can help you decide what type of wax you’d like, and they’ll leave your skin feeling silky smooth, and you’ll be walking away with confidence. Did we mention, we can do your partners too!

Long, well defined lashes are an important fashion accessory. It is one of the defining factors that “complete” your look. Our luscious lashes look real, and aside from your closest friends, no one will know that they were expertly applied by one of our specialists.

Using your natural features as our guide we’ll enhance the look of your brows and lashes. Everyone knows it’s the little things that count, we’ll make sure your eyes get the attention they deserve.


Note:  Please inform our staff if you have any allergies, or skin problems before proceeding.

Hand and Foot Spa

For that relaxing feeling, enjoy our hand and foot spas.